When are Spoilers Okay? Trailer Fatigue What Defines a Character? Do Trophies Impact Gamers Top 5: Podcasts

When are Spoilers Okay?

Helpful tips for the entire Internet to avoid creating Spoilers and ruining the experience for others.

Trailer Fatigue

At what point do facts, figures and trailers of a film distract from the movie-magic?

What Defines a Character?

Is there any aspect of a hero, that if adjusted, they will become unrecognizable?

Do Trophies Impact Gamers

Achievement and Trophies were introduced to reward players for in-game accomplishments; not be a requirement for success.

Top 5: Podcasts

To Awesome and Beyond, we countdown the 5 best Podcasts you can listen to.


Sector 2814, Spider-Mobile, SNIKT. If these terms are as foreign to you as Wakanda, you have BAMFed to the right place. This section is designed to streamline your pull file and help you understand that Wednesday is the most important day of the week.



Platinum Trophies are out there waiting for you; this is the place to see that there are more games today than blocks in the Mushroom Kingdom. Master Chief has Cortana and you have Nerd Exp to help.



Movies are like television, only with better graphics, sound, stories, actors and don’t run a concept into the ground. Except for remakes, sequels and prequels. This area will help you make the most of your giant television away from home.



Nerd Exp, leveling up your Nerd IQ. Here to help you engage in the conversation and spark debate amongst fellow fans. If you want to know more and peak behind the curtain, be our guest.

08th Sep 2014
Zelda Rupee

The Greatest Teacher

Players shouldn't realize each new enemy type or puzzle variation is a learning opportunity.

05th Sep 2014
Streaming Small

Instant Streaming: Top Three (Future) Perks

Streaming services are a necessary evolution of the industry...

04th Sep 2014
VG Character Small

Relating to Personality

I relate more to characters which exhibit personality traits in line with my own, than who share my demographics.

03rd Sep 2014
Podcast 16

Podcast Episode 16: Dragon Con

In this week's episode...Netflix, Nintendo, Shazam and more.