Dragon Con: From Ensign to Director Dragon Con Interview: Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations Most Useful Superpower Mega Man X: Nostalgia Review Top 5: PS3 Exclusives

Dragon Con: From Ensign to Director

Garrett Wang, best known as Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager, shares anecdotes from the set and his own life during his Dragon Con 2015 panel.

Dragon Con Interview: Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations

Dan shares stories from past conventions and lets fans know what they should look forward to this year!!

Most Useful Superpower

There are a lot of powers to make you stronger, smarter and invincible. But which is the most useful?

Mega Man X: Nostalgia Review

Fans of Mega Man will enjoy the Easter eggs, but newcomers can easily pick up and play.

Top 5: PS3 Exclusives

From a flying lombax to snarky teenagers…we countdown the best experiences the PS3 has to offer.


Sector 2814, Spider-Mobile, SNIKT. If these terms are as foreign to you as Wakanda, you have BAMFed to the right place. This section is designed to streamline your pull file and help you understand that Wednesday is the most important day of the week.



Platinum Trophies are out there waiting for you; this is the place to see that there are more games today than blocks in the Mushroom Kingdom. Master Chief has Cortana and you have Nerd Exp to help.



Movies are like television, only with better graphics, sound, stories, actors and don’t run a concept into the ground. Except for remakes, sequels and prequels. This area will help you make the most of your giant television away from home.



Nerd Exp, leveling up your Nerd IQ. Here to help you engage in the conversation and spark debate amongst fellow fans. If you want to know more and peak behind the curtain, be our guest.


Dragon Con: From Ensign to Director

Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager, shares stories from his time on the set of the hit sci-fi show, being the Dragon Con Trek Track Director, battling depression and working with strong personalities during this 2015 Dragon Con panel.

Dragon Con Interview: Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations

Dan Carroll leads a team of volunteers to coordinate media outreach and guest interviews during Dragon Con, the largest convention in the known universe. During this time as a volunteer and Director of Dragon Can, Dan has met the cast of Buffy, Firefly, Star Trek and everything geek-culture that you can think of.

Dragon Con Interview: Kevin Stallard, Director of Video Game Programming

The Video Game Programming Director of Dragon Con 2015, Kevin Stallard, discusses what fans can look forward at this year’s convention, how to find the best seat during the annual parade and how the celebrity guests are just as excited as fans to attend Dragon Con.

Does Money per Hour of Entertainment Matter?

Money matters and consumers want a good value, but its important to balance the potential enjoyment your hobbies will bring, not just the amount of time they will kill until the next release.

Entertainment ADHD

I focus my free time on comics, games, movies, anime and television (hence the kick-ass site) but not in equal measure and not always with the same ferocity. Why do interests ebb and flow from one medium to another? Is it my personal tastes that change or the products themselves? It’s a nature versus nurture question…where the stakes have never been lower.

Geek Fallacy: Get Through X, and then it’s Great

Any variation of “After the first ten hours, it gets really good” isn’t acceptable, and we shouldn’t look down on people who don’t invest the upfront hours for dividends of entertainment down the road.