Avengers Academy Review Firewatch Review Kung Fu Panda 3 Review Klaus Interview: Victor Velasco Breaks the 4th Wall Modern Games are Still Difficult

Avengers Academy Review

The setting, story and production values are all enticing for fans of the characters but the gameplay is nothing more than a series of timegated hoops.

Firewatch Review

Emersion is important to Firewatch. If you only play the game to get to the next point on the map, you are missing the point.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Review

The film is able to balance comedy, action and most of all heart every backflip and karate kick of the way.

Klaus Interview: Victor Velasco Breaks the 4th Wall

Victor Velasco describes the challenging platformer with a minimalistic aesthetic, electronic soundtrack and existential crisis known as Klaus.

Modern Games are Still Difficult

Cheap tricks aren’t the same as difficult, purposeful game design.


Sector 2814, Spider-Mobile, SNIKT. If these terms are as foreign to you as Wakanda, you have BAMFed to the right place. This section is designed to streamline your pull file and help you understand that Wednesday is the most important day of the week.



Platinum Trophies are out there waiting for you; this is the place to see that there are more games today than blocks in the Mushroom Kingdom. Master Chief has Cortana and you have Nerd Exp to help.



Movies are like television, only with better graphics, sound, stories, actors and don’t run a concept into the ground. Except for remakes, sequels and prequels. This area will help you make the most of your giant television away from home.



Nerd Exp, leveling up your Nerd IQ. Here to help you engage in the conversation and spark debate amongst fellow fans. If you want to know more and peak behind the curtain, be our guest.


Undefined Magic – Shatters Worlds and Ruins Stories

For Sci-fi or fantasy to succeed the worlds need to be believable. This isn’t to say the world is probable or possible, just believable.

Klaus Interview: Victor Velasco Breaks the 4th Wall

Klaus is an existential, challenging platformer boasting a minimalistic aesthetic and electronic soundtrack. Victor Velasco describes why he created a character that doesn’t always follow the player’s instructions, putting meaning into every decision and that one line of code can change a game.

Modern Games are Still Difficult

It can be said the default mode on most AAA games today are easier than the default mode from the NES-era…because those games just had one difficulty slider. But if you play The Last of Us, Call of Duty, Devil May Cry, XComm or most games on their highest difficulty setting, a challenge awaits.

Game Over: Press X to Continue?

It depends? How long until the incident loads again? How much of my replay experience will be seeing new sights or retreading the same ground? Is the game fun on its own or is it only fun to complete?

Stardust Vanguards Interview: Jason Koohi Makes Players Feel Like a Badass

Stardust Vanguards is a couch multiplayer mech battle simulator available for PS4 and Steam. Designer Jason Koohi explains the simple to learn but difficult to master mechanics, the importance of marketing an indie game and encouraging would-be developers to start today.

Why DLC is Important to the Gaming Industry

Of all the season passes, horse armor, palette swaps, pre-order bonuses and add-on missions I’ve never seen one that is critical or appeared as more than another sidequest in the world. The inclusion of DLC keeps the cost of gaming much lower which is ultimately good for all players – even those that hate the very mention of DLC.