25th Mar 2015
Helldivers Patrik Lasota Interview

Helldivers Q&A with Designer Patrik Lasota

Patrik Lasota, developer of Helldivers, answers a few questions regarding friendly fire, trophies and video game design.

22nd Mar 2015
Shovel Knight David D'Angelo Interview Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Interview with Developer David D’Angelo

Yacht Club Games Programmer, David D'Angelo, discusses Shovel Knight's future, Kickstarter and more.

28th Feb 2015
The Order Small

The Order: 1886 Review

Inconsistencies in gameplay, narrative and presentation cause this technically impressive title to be forgettable.

23rd Feb 2015
Pawn Small

Of Sacrifice and PermaDeath

Why interchangeable units become indispensable.

16th Feb 2015
Playstation Heroes

Playstation Heroes

Donate to charity, play with celebrities.

15th Feb 2015
Rayman Trophy

Fan-Made Rayman Leak for Super Smash Bros.

Found footage of Rayman in Super Smash Bros. always a hoax.

10th Feb 2015
Open World Small

Open World, Empty Gameplay

The environment is beautifully crafted, the characters move smoothly, but it is an empty, meaningless experience.

07th Feb 2015
rogue Legacy Small

Rogue Legacy: Review

If you are up for the challenge, it is a rewarding experience.

06th Feb 2015
Beta Small

See a Beta, Play a Beta

You should play every console beta available.

28th Jan 2015
Rival Small

Rival vs Villain

A well-constructed rival will challenge the hero while sharing their ambitions.

27th Jan 2015
2015 Anticipated Small

Top 5: Anticipated Games of 2015

From JRPGs to epic blockbusters...I countdown the most anticipated games of 2015.

24th Jan 2015
Destiny Small

Destiny: Review

Despite my positive experiences...I can’t honestly recommend Destiny.

22nd Jan 2015
MMO Community Small

Online Communities: A Double-Edged Sword

Players bond over online play, but also inadvertently create barriers for newcomers.

08th Sep 2014
Zelda Rupee

The Greatest Teacher

Players shouldn't realize each new enemy type or puzzle variation is a learning opportunity.

07th Sep 2014

Are Virtual Reality Headsets DOA?

The virtual reality isn’t enough to sustain these products long term.

05th Sep 2014
Streaming Small

Instant Streaming: Top Three (Future) Perks

Streaming services are a necessary evolution of the industry...