22nd Jan 2015
MMO Community Small

Online Communities: A Double-Edged Sword

Players bond over online play, but also inadvertently create barriers for newcomers.

08th Sep 2014
Zelda Rupee

The Greatest Teacher

Players shouldn't realize each new enemy type or puzzle variation is a learning opportunity.

07th Sep 2014

Are Virtual Reality Headsets DOA?

The virtual reality isn’t enough to sustain these products long term.

05th Sep 2014
Streaming Small

Instant Streaming: Top Three (Future) Perks

Streaming services are a necessary evolution of the industry...

04th Sep 2014
VG Character Small

Relating to Personality

I relate more to characters which exhibit personality traits in line with my own, than who share my demographics.

03rd Sep 2014
Podcast 16

Podcast Episode 16: Dragon Con

In this week's episode...Netflix, Nintendo, Shazam and more.

26th Aug 2014
Podcast 15

Podcast Episode 15: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

In this week's episode...Selfie, Action Comics, Hateful Eight and more.

24th Aug 2014

Podcast Episode 14: Hardest Game

In this week's episode...A to Z, Pokemon, Ant-Man and more.

15th Aug 2014
TMNT Small

Podcast Episode 13: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In this week's episode...GamesCom, Foo Fighters, Robin Williams and more.

15th Aug 2014
GM Small

Lost Art – Game Manuals

Back in my day, we didn't just play video games, we read about how to play them.

13th Aug 2014
Delay Small

Why Videogame Delays are Not Okay

Developers should communicate with fans and set appropriate expectations.

07th Aug 2014
Guardians Small

Podcast Episode 12: Guardians of the Galaxy

In this week's episode...Nintendo, Spider-Man, Big Bang Theory and more.

05th Aug 2014
SNES Small

Top 5: SNES Games

From fighters to RPGs...we countdown the Top 5 SNES games of all time.

04th Aug 2014
Weapons Small

Equip: Yes or No

How do weapons within a video game define the experience for the player?

02nd Aug 2014
Small Trophies

Top 10: Trophy Virtues

From winning to exploration...we countdown the Top TEN Trophy Virtues.

28th Jul 2014
Movie Small

Podcast Episode 10: Movies Roundup 2014

In this week's episode...Power Rangers, Tusk, Anime, Star Wars and more.