Fallout Shelter: Review

Bethesda treated Fallout Shelter like a AAA experience by debuting on the E3. This should be the future of mobile experiences, where publishers treat their franchises with respect and offer unique experiences which build upon established genres but with the polish and expertise of an established developer.

Stellar Interview with Kurt Hollowell

Dog Eat Dog Games founder and developer shares his insight into developing a rogue-like space shooter adventure where everything possible is randomly generated.

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E3 2015: Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft & EA

The most exciting announcements from first party and third party studios on Day 0 of E3 2015!!

Fallout 4

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda gave fans what they wanted with new IPs, sequels and unexpected enhanced features.

Lumini Q&A with Speelbaars

Steven Honders, Lead Game Designer, dives into what makes Lumini a relaxing and visually stunning experience.

Alienation Q&A with Housemarque

Tommaso De Benetti, Community Manager at Housemarque, shares insight into the development progress of Alienation.

In Defense of Remastered Editions

Remastered titles have a place in the current-gen library and don’t deserve fan’s ire.

Grid Masters Interview with Jonathan Egbert

Jonathan Egbert, Project Manager at Angry Hangar, shared his insights into Grid Masters current development and future plans.

MomoCon 2015: Sarah Anne Williams

Sarah reveals which character’s voice hurt, what she wants to do next and some of her nerdy hobbies.

MomoCon 2015: Gearbox Voice Actor Interview

Claptrap and Mr. Torque discuss how they found their voices, working in the industry and Borderlands antics.

MomoCon 2015: Justin Wong on eSports

Justin Wong shares his thoughts on the professional gaming scene and what it takes to be competitive in eSports.

MomoCon 2015: Halo Panel Evolved

The voices of Master Chief and Arbiter speak out on the success of Halo, evolution of their characters and the voiceover industry.

Wander – New Form & Release Date

Players who say there are no new ideas or the market is saturated with sequels should check out Wander this summer.

Nintendo Listens to Fanbase

Nintendo launched a brilliant tactic that will surprise fans and resonate within the industry – The Humble Nindie Bundle.

E3 Hype: Harmful or Helpful?

Does the constant stream of information entice fans to learn more or does it steal the thunder from the press conferences?

Game Design: The Daily Quest

Blizzard wisely rewards players for setting Hearthstone down, returning the next day and encourages repeat visits.