26th May 2015
Nintendo Humble Bundle Small

Nintendo Listens to Fanbase

Nintendo launched a brilliant tactic that will surprise fans and resonate within the industry - The Humble Nindie Bundle.

25th May 2015
E3 Small

E3 Hype: Harmful or Helpful?

Does the constant stream of information entice fans to learn more or does it steal the thunder from the press conferences?

20th May 2015
Hearthstone Only the Mighty

Game Design: The Daily Quest

Blizzard wisely rewards players for setting Hearthstone down, returning the next day and encourages repeat visits.

15th May 2015
Capsule Force Small

Capsule Force Q&A with Developer Eric Wenske

Eric Wenske, Developer of Capsule Force dives into the inspiration for this retro-futuristic action game.

11th May 2015
Color Guradians Small

Color Guardians Q&A with Art Director Felipe Cartin

Felipe Cartin (Art Director and Producer) shares his insight into this colorful platformer and game design.

05th May 2015
Wander Logo

Wander Interview with Developer Loki Davison

Loki Davison describes what players will do in the non-combat, non-competitive world of Wander.

28th Apr 2015
Shovel Knight Small

Shovel Knight: Review

Shovel Knight is a perfect recreation of how good you remember NES-style games playing.

14th Apr 2015
Bastion Small

Bastion Interview with Writer, Designer Greg Kasavin

Greg Kasavin comments on the constantly changing industry and Bastion's success.

04th Apr 2015
Paperbound Cast PS4 Twitch Combat Arena Smash

Paperbound Q&A with Developer Dan Holbert

Dan Holbert (Programming, Design) of Paperbound delves into what sets this co-op brawler apart from others.

31st Mar 2015
Axiom Verge Interview

Axiom Verge Interview with Developer Tom Happ

Sole programmer, Tom Happ, discusses glitches, the soundtrack and inspiration for Axiom Verge.

25th Mar 2015
Helldivers Patrik Lasota Interview

Helldivers Q&A with Designer Patrik Lasota

Patrik Lasota, developer of Helldivers, answers a few questions regarding friendly fire, trophies and video game design.

22nd Mar 2015
Shovel Knight David D'Angelo Interview Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight Interview with Developer David D’Angelo

Yacht Club Games Programmer, David D'Angelo, discusses Shovel Knight's future, Kickstarter and more.

28th Feb 2015
The Order Small

The Order: 1886 Review

Inconsistencies in gameplay, narrative and presentation cause this technically impressive title to be forgettable.

23rd Feb 2015
Pawn Small

Of Sacrifice and PermaDeath

Why interchangeable units become indispensable.

16th Feb 2015
Playstation Heroes

Playstation Heroes

Donate to charity, play with celebrities.

15th Feb 2015
Rayman Trophy

Fan-Made Rayman Leak for Super Smash Bros.

Found footage of Rayman in Super Smash Bros. always a hoax.