Dragon Con Interview: Kevin Stallard, Director of Video Game Programming

The Video Game Programming Director of Dragon Con 2015, Kevin Stallard, discusses what fans can look forward at this year’s convention, how to find the best seat during the annual parade and how the celebrity guests are just as excited as fans to attend Dragon Con.

Does Money per Hour of Entertainment Matter?

Money matters and consumers want a good value, but its important to balance the potential enjoyment your hobbies will bring, not just the amount of time they will kill until the next release.

Geek Fallacy: Get Through X, and then it’s Great

Any variation of “After the first ten hours, it gets really good” isn’t acceptable, and we shouldn’t look down on people who don’t invest the upfront hours for dividends of entertainment down the road.

Gigantic Interview with Designer Carter McBee

Gigantic is currently in alpha-production, with a beta to release in August on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Carter McBee, Gameplay Designer with Motiga, discusses the current state of Gigantic, what players can look forward to and how the community is important to the development team.

Do You Buy Physical or Digital Games?

Do you prefer to keep a collection of all the games you’ve played or a clutter-free home? Do you like to lend games to friends or would you rather never have to swap out disks? Is it better to purchase digital or physical media?

Pneuma Q&A with Joe Brammer

The Co-Founder, Producer and Artist from Deco Digital discusses his studios first game Pneuma: Breath of Life, a first-person puzzle adventure that takes place during the genesis of the universe. “This game isn’t about your skill with a controller, it’s about how you perceive and analyze situations.”

Batman Arkham Knight: Review

Arkham Knight recreates iconic Batman-moments, the atmosphere of Gotham and manages a robust cast of characters well. The game is graphically impressive, with a riveting score and plot sequences that match the caliber of the comics. This isn’t just a great licensed game – it is a great game period. However, the major drawback is the Batmobile.

Genre of the Generation

During each console cycle, there is a genre which rises above the rest in popularity – mainstream appeal, quantity of releases and impact to the industry. We have seen this occur multiple times already and chart the progress from platformer to FPS, but are still curious as to what will come next.

Fallout Shelter: Review

Bethesda treated Fallout Shelter like a AAA experience by debuting on the E3. This should be the future of mobile experiences, where publishers treat their franchises with respect and offer unique experiences which build upon established genres but with the polish and expertise of an established developer.

Stellar Interview with Kurt Hollowell

Dog Eat Dog Games founder and developer shares his insight into developing a rogue-like space shooter adventure where everything possible is randomly generated.

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E3 2015: Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft & EA

The most exciting announcements from first party and third party studios on Day 0 of E3 2015!!

Fallout 4

E3 2015: Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda gave fans what they wanted with new IPs, sequels and unexpected enhanced features.

Lumini Q&A with Speelbaars

Steven Honders, Lead Game Designer, dives into what makes Lumini a relaxing and visually stunning experience.

Alienation Q&A with Housemarque

Tommaso De Benetti, Community Manager at Housemarque, shares insight into the development progress of Alienation.

In Defense of Remastered Editions

Remastered titles have a place in the current-gen library and don’t deserve fan’s ire.

Grid Masters Interview with Jonathan Egbert

Jonathan Egbert, Project Manager at Angry Hangar, shared his insights into Grid Masters current development and future plans.