I’m Christopher Peterson, and you are reading the NerdEXP “About” section (which probably says more about you than me). The mission of this site: to start a conversation that helps you level up your Nerd IQ.

I review video games, movies, television, anime and comics as I consume them—unfortunately, this won’t be everything, because time is the new barrier to entry. When reviews are posted, it will be like a conversation with your best (digital) friend. Instead of a technical breakdown of graphics, sound, gameplay and plot, all reviews will remain spoiler-free and focus on the most important question: is it worth your time?

Must Consume: The best of the best of the best…with honors. Anyone who enjoys the medium will need to include these entries in their library. Media with this ranking is a great jumping on point for newcomers. Obviously, if you hated every sci-fi movie you’ve seen and Star Wars Episode XXIV receives a Must Watch, you still aren’t the target audience. This ranking denotes a near-perfect product that is an example of why fans love the genre.

Examples: The Last of Us / Back to the Future / How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1 & 2 / Full Metal Panic!

Try It: What I love about a product could be the reason why you dislike it. This score means that the media is good, but with some flaws that hold it back from being great. This could still be your favorite entry in the genre, but when you are honest with yourself, you realize why other people are put off by it. Not everyone agrees that Final Fantasy IX is the best of the bunch…and it’s okay that they are wrong.

Examples: inFamous / Batman: Begins / Chuck / GunSword

Hardcore Only: It’s okay…for what it is. In this instance, hardcore doesn’t mean only extreme veterans of the genre understand the nuance of the situation and complexity of the subtle beauty, but it only appeals to fans who don’t care about the flaws. Products with this score fail as their base medium but are still enjoyed based upon their sub-genre (i.e. it’s a decent action movie). All cult classics fall into this ranking.

Examples: Disgaea / Royal Tenenbaums / Farscape / Dog Days

Avoid It: How can millions of dollars go into the creation of art, hundreds of people work their hardest and still the product has no redeeming qualities? I don’t know how, and sometimes I fall victim to these situations. Don’t make my mistake. Anything with this rating isn’t worth your time; not even to see what a disaster was created. Please trust me; you’re better off ignoring these products.

Examples: Superman 64 / The Last Air Bender / Dark Angel Season 2 / Sailor Moon Crystal

Be part of the conversation by leaving a comment or emailing Chris@NerdEXP.com. I hope this site serves as a jumping off point for your conversations, sparks creativity and helps you make informed decisions about how to best spend your time with the hobbies we all enjoy.


Level Up, Friends!