Top 5: Gaming Genres

From large-scale epics to beloved classics…we countdown the top 5 gaming genres to experience.

Top 5: Evil Henchmen

From loyal cronies no matter what to lackeys looking to stab their master in the back….we countdown the Top 5 evil sidekicks.

Top 5: Spaceship Games

From arcade cabinets to modern consoles, we countdown the Top 5 best games that put you control of a spaceship!!

Top 5: Anticipated Games of 2016

From action-adventure games, to JRPGs to action-adventure RPGS…we countdown the most anticipated games of 2016.

Top 5: Anticipated Movies of 2016

From Sci-Fi to Superhero and even more superhero…we countdown the Top 5 movies you should look forward to in 2016.

Top 5: TV Seasons

My favorite shows mix monster-of-the-week and mythology. They include action, comedy and characters that grow.

Top 5: Improved Sequels

Sequels get a bad reputation – but here are five that prove better than original.

Top 5: NerdEXP Blog Posts

Celebrating one year and over 150 articles by providing you the Top 5 NerdEXP posts!

Top 5: Remakes to Avoid

Hollywood is going to reboot, retool and retcon films…but maybe they shouldn’t remake any of the following.

Top 5: Anticipated Movies of 2015

Movies come out every year, but only a select few are the most anticipated of 2015.

Top 5: Anticipated Games of 2015

From JRPGs to epic blockbusters…I countdown the most anticipated games of 2015.

Top 5: SNES Games

From fighters to RPGs…we countdown the Top 5 SNES games of all time.

Top 10: Trophy Virtues

From winning to exploration…we countdown the Top TEN Trophy Virtues.

Top 10: Trophy Sins

From multiplayer to grinding…we countdown the Top TEN Trophy Sins.

Top 5: Sidekicks

From geniuses to hotheads…we countdown the Top 5 sidekicks of all time.

Top 5: Cartoons

From superheroes to wackos…we countdown the Top 5 cartoons of all time.