E3 2016: EAPlay Press Conference

Overall Review: 3/10

EA was not prepared for this conference –literally it started 6 minutes late and they had a lack of content to showcase. Between sparse gameplay demos, awkward behind the scene footage and a general feeling that they were just on stage to remind players making games is hard, this is one year EA could have skipped.

TitanFall 2

Rent –
Release date confirmed for October 28 and looks spectacular. Inclusion of single-player campaign will be a huge draw for gamers who don’t excel at multiplayer however the voiceover makes it sounds like the Titans have a will of their own (though bound to the robot laws set forth in iRobot and Bicentennial Man). Multiplayer appears chaotic and I will have no idea why I just died half the time.


Madden 2017

Skip –
Most realistic grass physics known to man. Game looks brilliant and fans of the franchise will enjoy this entry.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Buy –
I love the ME universe and will pick up the next installment…but not because of this year’s E3 presence. They showcased a bizarre mash-up of ½ a trailer kinda and behind the scenes footage. We don’t know anything more about this game then we did last year. I expect another delay because they should have more to show for a March 2017 title.


FIFA 2017

Skip –
The largest part of the conference, which makes sense due to the size and popularity of the franchise…but know your audience. They are including a sleek story mode and introducing 4 legendary managers (which was awkward because while on stage one of them calls out they are missing 17…but they just gloss over that). Again, fans of the series will enjoy this installment.


Skip –
This year’s Unravel. EA even said as much before they brought the indie developer on stage and introduce EA Originals – a new program where all profits will go to the indie studio (curious to see the definition of “profit”). Fe is a 3d-platformer with stealth, exploration and charming aesthetics. It is a cross between Ori and Journey. It looks to have a ton of heart and charm but a meandering story and convoluted mechanics.

Star Wars

N/A –
EA showed a grab-bag of studios working on Star Wars games in behind the scenes footage. No meaningful announcement or gameplay shown.


Battlefield 1

Skip – Releasing on October 21 (one week before TitanFall 2). Battlefield 1 returns to World War One….kind of. The planes are faster, the tanks are more armored and the horses are the most realistic horses this side of Epona. The game looks to be very much Battlefield despite the earlier time period setting as functioning dirigibles are in the sky. This is very much an alternative take on historical events.

That puts the total at 1 Buy, 1 Rent and 4 Skips – how about you? What did you think of EA’s presence at E3 this year? Are you excited to jump into a Titan or explore the world of Fe?

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