E3: Ubisoft – Buy / Rent / Skip

Far Cry 4

Rent – Ubisoft games have a habit of bleeding together and creating the same type of environments. I never played Far Cry but apparently ACIV ‘borrowed’ heavily from its systems. This is actually a good preview for me to be excited about this game. FC4 looks to have a compelling story that isn’t afraid to take risks.


Just Dance 2015

Skip – No amount of cell phone apps or gimmicks will ever make this a compelling game in my house. This is the same game year after year and I’ll follow my standard strategy of skipping.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Rent – Trailer looks to capture the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world just like The Last of Us. I loved TLoU, will this capitalize on those same feelings or just be a gimmicky cash grab? Ubisoft does build interesting worlds and use great concepts, but sometimes the gameplay feels lacking.

The Crew

Skip – I don’t like racing games, but if I did The Crew would be my first choice. The idea of no loading times from coast to coast is amazing. Two hours of racing without a single loading screen? That seems insane and a huge improvement from the seamless world of AC Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Rent – The multiplayer trailer at the Xbox Conference had me excited at the aspect of going through AC with a team. Ubisoft eroded that goodwill by showing a CG trailer, gameplay footage and mechanics that were very much AC-classic. Which is a great game, but one that I have played six times already. We’ll see how the finished product comes together.

Shape Up

Skip – No matter how you say it, this is an exercise game. I don’t mind exercising, but I don’t want to play videogames where the object is to exercise. Games are fun. Exercises are less so. This is like dipping broccoli in chocolate to try and trick kids.

Valiant Hearts

Skip – A new IP built in the UbiArt engine, centers around a serious subject with cell shaded graphics. This is focusing on the World War I, but is using a stylized cartoony look. Child of Light tried this with mixed results and I think this will receive a similar reception.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Rent– This game is three plus years away. Pre-Alpha footage means that the game demoed is most likely not even the game that will come out. This is 2014’s Watch_Dogs and will be met with the same harsh criticism that WD received.


Level Up, Friends!