MomoCon 2015: Colin & Greg Live

Kinda Funny was founded by four friends who were fortunate to realize there was a built-in audience who found their antics hilarious and wanted to be Best Friends with them as well. Despite the claims of co-founder and host, Colin Moriarty, that their show is pure nonsense and unnecessary, the Kinda Funny crew have amassed a passionate and loyal fanbase.

I’m part of that viewership who enjoys Colin & Greg Live and find the tangents, banter and rapport between the hosts all part of the charm which culminates into an entertaining show. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised about how much more enjoyable the show was in-person compared to seeing it online; if you find the show amusing on Twitch, it will be one of the most hilarious experiences available as a live show.

The energy of the crowd is contagious and everyone feeds off of one another; what might be something that would result in a small smile by yourself is a gut wrenching laugh as the entire audience erupts into a genuine, jovial chuckle as the show is both an inside joke to returning listeners and an inviting experience for newcomers.

Greetings and Salutations from MomoCon!

Greetings and Salutations from MomoCon!

Nick Scarpino is able to keep the audience entertained and engaged with a series of amusing anecdotes that could easily come from a well-seasoned comedian and not the Producer/Seducer himself as the technical staff of MomoCon work out the extra demand of audio, visual and ensuring the first panel of the convention is able to stream seamlessly to the viewership on Twitch – a challenge in which the Kinda Funny’s own technical-guru Kevin is well-versed.

All this occurs while Greg Miller works the crowd and is able to wield his influence like a lion-tamer, calling out for the viewers to cheer, clap and boo on command. It all comes from a place of love and mutual respect as the Kinda Funny crew are as cordial, willing to open up and engaging with the audience as they are with each other.

The fans want to interact, riff and work the show with the Kinda Funny team. Yes, they are on the panel but the feeling in the room is that everyone is involved; catchphrases are yelled, the politics of the South discussed, and it is more than just four guys talking to a bunch of viewers. A perfect example of this energy is the reaction of The Pure One, Tim Gettys, as he is called an ‘old man.’ The 25-year old YouTube-lover prides himself on being the voice of youth within Kinda Funny and the other three don’t hesitate to jump into some friendly picking.

If you are a fan of Colin & Greg Live, you owe it to yourself to see the show live and in-person. If you aren’t a fan…you might be after seeing them live. Kinda Funny anticipates that they will be at every MomoCon going forward, so if you missed this year’s adventure you should make plans to see them next year.

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