Monster Appreciation: Angels

Godzilla might have stomped on Tokyo, but all the kaiju combined do not match the destructive power of Angels. In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Angels descend, teleport and materialize (the mechanics vary and are crazier as the show progresses) with the sole Angel 1purpose of destroying Tokyo-3. That’s right, the third Tokyo; because they were able to successfully destroy Tokyo two times prior. The only option to combat the Angels, are Evangelions. These towering robots are giant monsters in their own right and comprised of leftover Angel bits and human souls.

Angels posses no discernible cognitive functions and exist to cause destruction. Or to reach Adam, the first Angel, held in Nerv headquarters or because Gendo Ikari is manipulating the entire situation, it is confusing, convoluted and changes depending on which version. Regardless, each Angel is able to rampage through the city and shrug off conventional warfare tactics, creating panic and destruction in their wake. The monsters tower over skyscrapers and can span lengths greater than Tokyo-3 itself. Arael, is so massive of an Angel that he/she/it is able to launch attacks from space and never descends on Earth.

Each Angel posses a unique ability, powered by their genetic S2 engine, that generates an AT field. This is basically a manga-science explanation for magic. They can regenerate, launch projectiles, heal, manipulate matter, infect computers, teleport enemies to Angel 2alternate dimensions or exist in the harshest of environments. In order to protect Tokyo-3 from certain doom, Nerv headquarters rigged the city to drop the skyscrapers underground. This creates a civilian-free battlefield for the Evangelion team to attempt to overcome the Angels, but the surrounding area is in a constant rebuilding phase.

The DNA from humans is a 99.89% match to that of Angels. It is implied that humans are an Angel in their own right and will cause the destruction on Earth. Through their selfish desires, anger and manipulation mankind will ultimately be its own downfall. It is difficult to watch Evangelion and not see the worst that the human race is capable of. The manipulation and cruelty of characters such as Gendo Ikari (possibly the series true villain), Ritsuko Akagi and even relatable protagonist Shinji as he engages in fits of rage, lust and greed highlight the worst we have to offer.

The most destructive Angels utilize psychological attacks to undermine their opponents. Once a pilot’s confidence is shattered they are unable to control an Eva unit and obliteration is ensured. Through a constant bombardment of attacks, draining the will of their opponents and no regard for their own fates, the Angels are able to successfully destroy not only Tokyo-3 but the entire human race. More or less…depending on the version you watched, and your interpretation of events.

No other giant monster is able to match the Angels’ track record of carnage and mutilation to humanity.


Only a truly terrifying monster can be stopped by a well choreographed dance routine.


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