Xbox One Reputation System

Xbox OneThe Xbox Live community is made up of homophobic, mother-hating, racist, ignorant children whose vocabulary only includes profanity. This is a fact that everyone prescribes to, just look at movies, web comics or new sites if you need further proof. As it turns out, Microsoft is also aware of this situation and detailed a reputation system to punish wrong-doers.

The reputation score categorizes players into three camps: ‘Good Players’ are depicted with a green bar, and the majority of players will fall into this grouping; “Needs Work” are people with a yellow or orange bar (distinction unknown) who received a warning from Microsoft concerning their behavior; players who did not heed the warnings are flagged with “Avoid Me” and a red bar. Like players will be paired with each other to improve the gaming experience for all.

The Xbox Wire announced Microsoft will start sending warning notifications to players. Michael Dunn, Program Manager of Xbox Live states, “We designed the algorithm so it won’t penalize you for bad reports over a few weeks of play. The system also adjusts for false reports from people that might intentionally report someone.” Dunn goes on to say that the reputation of the player reporting abuse, the time spent with each other and the number of abuses reported will factor into the impact an infraction has on reputation.


When a player drops into the “Needs Work” category they receive a notification to evaluate their place within the community and “encourage them to have more positive interactions.” Gamers prove positive interactions by logging hours with Xbox Live without a report of abuse from community members. If a “Needs Work” player continues to act out, their reputation will downgrade to “Avoid Me.” Players whose reputation is “Avoid Me” will have their privileges within Xbox Live decreased. The restriction of functions could include reduced matchmaking or the loss of Twitch broadcasting.

Dunn iterates, “At the end of the day, our goal is to match you with other gamers you’ll enjoy, and create the best gaming community online. Visit the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement page for more details on the Xbox One reputation system.

Microsoft’s reputation system is designed to remove the status of negativity which impacts Xbox Live. If you are a reason why players reach for the mute function, and you know if you are, now is the appropriate time to learn acceptance, how great moms are and expand your vocabulary.


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