Spoilsport: Game Of Thrones – The Lion and the Rose

Warning: The following contains in-depth analysis and discussion regarding the plot of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 2. If you have not seen this episode, bookmark this page and revisit after watching.

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#Purple Wedding

Television fans rejoice, book snobs giggle inside and nothing will ever be the same again. This episode was written by the creator himself; George “Rail Road” Martin continues the trend of a violent and gruesome wedding, but this time at the expense of everyone’s favorite psychopath King Joffrey.

Following the standard Westeros ceremony, cape, ribbon and vows, the wedding procession leaves the chapel and heads towards the reception. Olenna and Tywin exchange pleasantries and the series continue to position Olenna as the craftiest woman in King’s Landing. Their verbal bouts regarding, power, money and family are always entertaining. I almost expect Olenna to request Tywin’s hand in marriage to tie their houses further together.

During the reception we see Joffrey’s final moments, and he is classic spoiled-rotten, selfish and unforgiving Joffrey. He tosses money at performers his new queen, Margaery, enjoys, has the court pummel his jester with fruit, destroys a priceless book and tortures Sansa with her brother’s death. Joffrey’s tour of cruelty’s favorite spot is his uncle Tyrion. Joffrey hires dwarfs to reenact the war of five kings and turns Tyrion into his cupbearer. Always willing to make the best of the situation, Tyrion says that it is a true honor, but Joffrey continues to bully his way through life and lets everyone know that it is a punishment.

The entire series of events are infuriating to watch, “Why does everyone let him get away with this?” was shouted at my tv more than once. I understand that king’s rule, but do the Lanister’s think that Joffrey can act like the Mad King forever and not be disposed? Only Margaery attempts to distract Joffrey by calling him to her side, declaring her love or offering the food to the poor. Everyone else just stands there and lets the tyrant teenager throw his tantrums.

Cersei Lannister spends the reception reminding everyone that she still has power, despite no longer being queen-regent. She threatens Pycelle, who she used to be buddy-buddy with, and undermines Queen Margaery’s orders to feed the power. Cersei is openly antagonistic to Brienne, one of the few likeable characters left alive, for loving Jaime, who she threw away (I don’t want to play with this toy anymore, but I don’t’ want anyone else too either). And Cersei continues to use her resting bitch face to full effect.

The poisoning occurs and no one knows what to do. Tyrion is going to take the fall for this; he is an easy target, though I don’t think he did it. My original guess was Brienne when she said her respects, but I don’t think she is clever or quick enough to slip in the poison. But with the fool ex-knight, Dontos grabbing Sansa before the poisoning took full effect, he is the obvious candidate.

What does this mean going forward? I sincerely hope they don’t drag this whodunit plot out for multiple episodes. I don’t know exactly how lineage lines work in Westeros but I believe this means Joffrey’s younger brother is now king and Cersei is once again queen-regent. Margaery is left dangling in the wind as a widow of a king, again. Who knows who she will try and get cozy with next (well people who read the books know…)

White Fang Moment

One of the low points of the episode was watching Tyrion send Shae off, for her own safety. He clearly feels for her and is doing his best to protect her, but she can’t see past her initial feelings. I was upset with Tyrion for refusing to run off with her after the battle of Kings Landing in the opening of season three, but it is equally upsetting that she constantly ignored his warnings. This isn’t helped by the fact that Sibel Kekilli’s performance, as Shae, is always monotone, pouty and whiny at the same time.

The entire time during the wedding, I expected to see her corpse to appear. When Joffrey chopped the pie, I thought she would be underneath, when the dwarves came out of the dragon I expected her to be dragged behind and when Joffrey started swinging his sword I thought he would call her forth to pierce her flesh. It appears that she made it to safety, but in GoT I don’t think anyone will ever truly have a happily ever after.


The opening scene with Ramsay Snow hunting a random woman continues to highlight his cruelty and taste for blood. With Joffrey now dead, will he take the mantle of antagonistic villain on the show? Ramsay’s hunt of the servant whose presence made his woman jealous was well done. I was afraid that they would show the dogs ripping into her flesh, but instead we see Theon Greyjoy’s broken eyes watch the entire scene unfurl. I was grateful that, for once, HBO didn’t show all the gory bits possible.

When Ramsay’s father returns we quickly learn that all bastards are not treated as kindly as Jon Snow. Ramsay’s cruelty and cunning are not appreciated, nor his presence. His father is willing to put his life on the line at every turn, as Reek holds a blade to the man who castrated him. Ramsay knows that Reek is so broken that even when mentioning Robb’s death he is unable to do anything. I am sure that there are Theon sympathizers, but he betrayed Robb. I hope his sister fails in her rescue mission and he remains broken and defeated forever. But GoT kills good people and rewards the naughty (Joffrey’s death being the thankful exception).

Ramsay is now tasked with hunting down the remaining Stark children so they don’t have a claim on the North. Again, I don’t understand how lineage works but would all of the North truly band behind a couple children whose castle has been wiped off the map, with no army, money or resources? I don’t see them as being a threat, but we still need them in the plot I guess.


Over in Stannis Baratheon’s camp the red priestess burns three men alive and matches with wits with a child. I guess it’s good that we have a reminder of how psycho she is, but it doesn’t truly move the plot forward.

Bran Stark has a vision that they need to go North…which is what I thought he and the team was already doing.

Hodor says Hodor.

Jaime and Tyrion interact with each other for the first time since season one. It’s nice to see Jaime taken down a peg and Tyrion to show support. Tyrion continually cements himself as the fan-favorite character and most likeable person in Kings Landing. Bronn begins training Jaime in left-handed combat. Bronn is the hardest working character within the series, hopefully he’ll get a payday.. Bronn also delivers one of the best lines in the episode during the training series.

No Jon Snow, Arya Stark or Daenerys Targaryen. There are a lot of character arcs being juggled and your favorites might not get screen time each week.

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