Ellipsis Interview: Yacine Salmi Innovates Touch Controls

Ellipsis was built from the ground up with touch controls in mind - players dodge enemies, traps and obstacles as they explore space in over 130 quick and challenging levels. Yacine Salmi, founder of Salmi Games discusses the importance of releasing Ellipsis as a text-free version, the perception of indie developers across the globe and if VR will be a success going forward.

Magitech Q&A with Duke Wong: Solving the Skill Gap

Magitech was a unique title available during the MomoCon 2016 Indie Showcase because of its rare goal—the unification of gaming, entertainment and learning. Most games are created as entertainment or art but this is one of the few titles being developed which hopes to leave the player a little better prepared for life outside the game each time they are finished with a quest.

Blade Ballet Interview with DreamSail Games

Blade Ballet is a slashing, competitive multiplayer dance of robot destruction, brought to you by DreamSail Games coming to PS4 and Steam this August. Emma, Neil and Paul dive into the importance of showcasing their game at conventions, misconceptions fans have of indie developers and how someone complaining about balance is actually a good thing.

Reflections Interview: Tristan Moore Wants You to Evaluate Your Decisions

Moore was fed up with the illusion of choice in games, which only resulted in a different colored ending or the binary options to kill an NPC now for more power or save their lives for a reward later which games shackled players with. Moore wants to create Reflections where the game will be reactive to your decisions rather than force you down a specific path with the illusion of options along the way.

MomoCon 2016: Darkwing Duck

Creators, past and present, of Darkwing Duck gather around to share fans insight into how the hero was created, his greatest enemies and what is in store in the future.

MomoCon 2016: Online Personalities

MomoCon gathered together TotalBiscuit, ProJared, Blakinola, LilyPichu and Matthew Mannheimer to discuss monetization on YouTube, following your passion and a myriad of fandom questions on gaming.

MomoCon 2016: An Hour with Cree Summer

When you hear the name Cree Summer, you may not realize it, but you're hearing the name responsible for a plethora of iconic voices from your childhood. She voiced Penny from Inspector Gadget, Susie Carmichael from Rugrats, and Elmyra from Tiny Tunes, and that's just naming a few!

MomoCon 2016: An Hour with Steve Blum

Discussion with Steve Blum, iconic voice actor of your childhood (if you loved anime), the actor who appears in the most video games ever and a great guy to know!!

Momocon 2016: Writing for Video Games

Eddy Webb, Bill Bridges and Nathan Knaack share a sneak behind the curtain of what goes into writing for video games, outlining the good, the bad and the brutally honest. If you've ever appreciated a game's clever dialogue, engrossing narrative, or wanted to break into the industry, this session provides a good-natured, honest breakdown of what they love and find challenging about their beloved profession.

MomoCon 2016: Talking with TotalBiscuit

Live Q&A session with fans of TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit, as John Bain explains the importance of remaining objective with developers, the differences when reviewing AAA titles compared to Indies and his guilty pleasure game during this MomoCon panel.