Genre of the Generation

During each console cycle, there is a genre which rises above the rest in popularity - mainstream appeal, quantity of releases and impact to the industry. We have seen this occur multiple times already and chart the progress from platformer to FPS, but are still curious as to what will come next.

Lumini Q&A with Speelbaars

Steven Honders, Lead Game Designer, dives into what makes Lumini a relaxing and visually stunning experience.

Hearthstone: Review

It's free so you aren’t losing anything by giving it a shot, except for time…oh so much time will disappear.

BioShock: Review

If you enjoy exploring environments, discovering side stories and the macabre, than BioShock is an experience worth your time.

Brothers: Review

Brothers is an epic journey that plays like no other game. The developer took risks, some payoff others don't.