Horizon: Zero Dawn – Initial Review

Five hours (or 10.71% game completion, if you prefer) into Horizon: Zero Dawn I can tell you with a ninety-nine percent confidence rating; Zero Dawn is the most...

The Force Awakens: Review

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a return to form for the franchise - its exciting to reunite with old friends, bond with new heroes and lay the groundwork for the next great saga in a galaxy far, far away...even if parts of the story feel like a remixed version of what came before it.

Maleficent: Review

Maleficent is able to capture the story beats of a fairy tale, but it loses the charm of the animated classic.

Resogun: Review

Resogun is the most polished and dynamic game from the next-gen launch titles.

Days of Future Past: Review

DOFP is able to capitalize on the momentum from First Class and create one of the better entries into the series.

Godzilla: Review

Godzilla is a summer blockbuster, filled with large spectacles and not much else. Even those aren't the bulk of the film.

Podcast Episode 4: Godzilla

In this week's episode...Flash, Constantine, Agent Carter, Batman vs. Superman, Interstellar and Godzilla.