Top 5: Comic Artists

5. Bryan Hitch
Ultimates | Authority | Fantastic Four | Real Heroes

Widescreen, blockbuster panels that make each piece feel epic is Hitch’s approach. His art is extremely detailed and makes fantastical heroes, mutants and aliens appear as they would in the ‘real world.” His style typically uses spread pages with a wide variety of characters and fleshed out backgrounds.

Bryan Hitch Combo


4. Andy Kubert
X-Men | Origin | Flashpoint | Batman | Marvel 1602

Kubert had large shadows looming over him, a famous father and he followed Jim Lee’s run on X-Men. Kubert successfully leaped over both hurdles with style. Kubert’s characters are detailed and contain a sense of fluidity in each panel.

Andy Kubert Combo v.1


3. John Romita, Jr.
Amazing Spider-Man | Kick-Ass | Iron Man | Uncanny X-Men

The style is gruesome and gritty, but is done expertly well. Romita’s approach is often paired with a muted pallet which gives his characters a darker and down to earth feel. He has drawn practically every book for Marvel and will now begin work on Superman, bringing a much needed grounded approach to the Man of Steel.

JRJR Combo


2. Alex Ross
Kingdom Come | Marvels

Ross is the best photorealistic artist ever. He creates detailed panels with painted artwork which brings each section to life. Each spread and panel painted, feels capable of being turned into a poster. Ross’s work is primarily found on covers and used for special events.

Alex Ross Combo


1. Jim Lee
Uncanny X-Men | Batman: Hush | WildC.A.T.s | Justice League

Lee creates amazing scenes at every turn. Batman standing on a ledge, the X-men fighting Magneto or Alpha Flight hanging out, everything is drawn perfectly. Lee’s work is typically paired with Scott Williams and the two create an unbeatable team. Lee’s multiple cover creation for X-Men #1 in 1991 remains the best selling comic book of all time with 8 million copies.

Jim Lee Combo

Jim Lee Xmen1


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