Top 5: Comic Villains

5. Walkers

WalkersMore of a force of nature than a true rival for our heroes, the Walkers are still a constant threat to the survival of humanity. Unlike any other villain on this list, they were successful in creating an apocalyptic scenario where they destroyed the world and are the main force in existence. The Walkers can be stealthy, sneaking and lurking behind a door….waiting for an unsuspecting survivor to open and meet a gruesome fait. They can be destructive, as a herd stampedes through a town, destroying everything and everyone in their path. Rick and his companions have destroyed thousands of Walkers, outsmarted them and overpowered them; but the Walker’s endless and as survivors fall, additional Walkers are created. It only takes one bite and humanity is ended, replaced with the hunger…




4. Lex Luthor

LuthorThe most diabolical businessman in the DC Universe, or any universe. Lex is at his best when he is outsmarting, conniving and manipulating the heroes and villains of Metropolis to do his bidding. He is at his worse when he downs a kryptonite powered suite and thinks he can go toe to toe with the Man of Steel. Luthor is never, and shouldn’t be, a physical threat to Superman. He is a mastermind that leads through exploitation, deception and power. Luthor was able to use his vast resources and knowledge to create Bizzaro and a host of other villains that threaten Metropolis. Lex was ran for President, and despite Kal-El’s trepidation, was able to become the most powerful person in the world. Currently, Luthor is engaging in super heroics as a prominent member of the Justice League; but even this is probably a small piece of a much larger plan that he will unfold.


3. Omni-Man

OmnimanHe’s the world’s premiere superhero; super strength, speed, near invulnerability and father to Invincible. Until, the truth is revealed that he was sent to Earth in order to enslave it and add its resources to the Viltrumite empire. Omni-Man slaughtered the Guardians of the Globe, weakened human resistance and primed Earth to be conquered. Sure, he has since turned around and been forgiven for his heinous crimes but within those first volumes, Omni-Man was the worst father possible. When Invincible does have a family reunion on a far off planet, he discovers that his dad conquered an entire species and claimed a new wife. Within those moments, Omni-Man was without remorse, emotions and only served his own needs. A hero who turns his back on humanity is worse than any villain who announces his intentions to conquer.




2. Joker

JokerNo history, no motivation just violence and destruction. Besides the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents (despite the horrible Tim Burton Batman), every tragedy that has befallen Batman was because of the Joker. Jason Todd’s death by crowbar. Jim Gordon’s wife being killed. Barbara Gordon being paralyzed. All of this was at the hands of the Joker. Penguin wants power, Two-Face justice and Poison Ivy for plants to be protected but the Joker is driven by chaos and madness. There is no reasoning with him, no figuring out what he’ll do next and no way you can prepare for his insanity. Joker’s abilities for mass destruction and madness aren’t even his greatest traits. He is able to take the good and greatest of the heroes and turn them into killers. Batman (The Killing Joke), Nightwing (Joker’s Last Laugh) and even Superman (Injustice: God’s Among Us) were brought down to the same level as the scum they fight everyday thanks to the Joker.


1. Magneto

MagnetoHe is the hero of his own story and that makes him more compelling and dangerous than any other villain. Erik survived the holocaust and decided that he would never see his people subjected to the same torment again. His goals put him in opposition with the X-men as often as he fights alongside them. He does not hate the heroes who stand against them, merely feels they are misguided and following the wrong path. Magneto has led the X-men, New Mutants, Acolytes and Brotherhood all in an attempt to advance the mutant cause. His powers make him a mutant, but his charisma turns him into a leader. Society labels him a villain, due to his unconventional view point. That and he is willing to kill all the humans, reverse the polls of the planet, become dictator of an island nation or hold the world hostage in his floating fortress. But he does it all believing that he is in the right.

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