Comic Book Reviews: 03/05/2014

Forever Evil CoverForever Evil #6
DC Comics | Geoff Johns | David Finch | Richard Friend

The action ramps up in this issue, mysteries are revealed and the story crescendo’s before the climax, in this well written and drawn issue. Captain Cold and Luthor continue to be the most dynamic and interesting characters. During his battle with Johnny Quick, Cold explains that the reason he never killed Flash is out of respect. It is a well paced situation that shows Cold’s sense of honor and capabilities. Luthor leads the makeshift team of survivors in the assault against the Syndicate. Luthor is capable, arrogant and in charge of the situation at all times; able to command the villains, put Batman in his place and outsmart an impossible situation. (I have full faith that Luthor will fix his ‘solution’ from this issue). Finally the reveal of the bagged man occurs…and its not who you think they are. It is clever and makes sense but also comes out of nowhere like a bolt of lightning. Next issue will determine if it was a good choice or a deus ex machina.

Score: 8.5 /10


Magneto #1Magneto 1
Marvel | Cullen Bunn |Gabriel Hernandez Walta | Jordie Bellaire

Magneto embarks on a new mission and character arc in his first ongoing adventure. He is alone, no Brotherhood, Acolytes, X-Men or resources at his disposal. Erik is weaker, in terms of power, than ever before but is stronger, in resolve and drive. The Magneto presented in the opening issue is an interesting mixture of the previous personality (fighting for mutant rights, willing to take any action, calculating and purposeful) but also is unfamiliar (humble, polite, filled with remorse). This is the story of a man who can only keep moving forward because when he remembers his past sins, he will be consumed by personal demons. Magneto acts more like a mutant version of The Punisher than the charismatic leader he was in the past, and this is a good thing. The art works great though I don’t remember Magneto being stocky, bald and old. There is a masterfully detailed scene in a police station as Magneto analyzes his options available. The issue is new-reader friendly except for the fact that the Erik portrayed is so foreign from how is he is in any other media.

Score: 9.0 /10


UX18Uncanny X-Men #18
Marvel | Brian Michael Bendis | Marco Rudy | Val Staples

This installment is a filler issue. Most of the comic takes place in the past and the pieces that are in the present are covered by All-New X-Men or the previous issue. The art is sloppy and over stylized. Everything is muted and characters look like they were captured through a fish-eye lens. There are numerous splash pages with ‘clever’ layouts that become difficult to read in the proper order. The interactions Cyclops has with the cast feel like repeats of previous conversations. I understand that every comic is someone’s first but this isn’t new reader friendly and covers the convulted death of Xavier from perspectives that have already been explored. This comic is a decent Cyclops focused tale but doesn’t move the narrative forward.

Score: 4.0 /10