MomoCon 2015: Greg Miller Interview

Greg Miller, co-founder of Kinda Funny, left IGN in January 2015 with three friends to start their own channel and change the traditional approach of how entertainment is created. They traded the broad reach of IGN for the intimacy of a smaller more engaged audience.

Six months later Kinda Funny is continuing to grow, has a passionate fanbase on Patreon, just completed their first (of many) live shows and still retain the same approachability and honesty that made them the face of IGN. During MomoCon, I met up with Miller and got his insight on the next Kinda Funny expansion, the difference between watching and making live streams and what creators need to do to follow in his footsteps (or set their own path).

If you have questions for Greg join the Kinda Funny Forums and see why when they call their community “Best Friends” it isn’t just a clever slogan, but the belief on which they built their business.

Level Up, Friends!