Mega Man X: Nostalgia Review

Mega Remix

Mega Man X
Capcom | Super Nintendo | January 1994

The classic gameplay, level design and feel of the Mega Man franchise returns, and is equipped with new elements to upgrade the Blue Bomber’s legacy. Players control X through a side scrolling adventure as he defeats waves of enemies, takes down 8 Maverick MMX Battlebosses and saves the world. Fans of MM will enjoy the references and Easter eggs to past adventures, but newcomers can easily pick up and play.

X starts the adventure donned in blue armor, with no equipment and a small health bar. By collecting heart tanks, X’s health grows, energy tanks, to expand the staying power in battle, and armor pieces, to augment abilities, players level up X’s abilities. The choice to gradually change X’s appearance to a white armored hero, eases long time fans into the next iteration of the MM franchise and is an easy to reference visual representation of the new abilities X is packing. Collectables are hidden off the beaten path and encourage exploration within each level and backtracking to ensure everything is discovered.

The levels are varied throughout the prologue, eight boss stages and four castle levels. When selecting a level, the end boss and environment mesh together perfectly. Chill Penguin’s level is, as it sounds, covered in ice and Launch Octupus’s world is, surprise, an underwater trench. The stages can be selected in any order, but defeating a boss in one world will impact the other sections. For example, completing Storm Eagle’s aerial base will cause the blimps to crash into MMX BossSpark Mandrill’s power plant. Not only are the aesthetics different, but specific traps will be disabled or enemies de-powered. This is never outwardly explained, players only see the changes through repeat visits and remembering the environment.

At the end of each stage, X will face off against a Maverick boss. These robot masters are more powerful than the quickly disposed foes throughout the level. The Mavericks vary their attack pattern and easily out power X in the beginning. By defeating a boss, X absorbs their ability. Each boss has one weakness which disrupts their attacks and turns the battle into easy mode. If you face Armored Armadillo with Spark Mandrill’s weapon, his protective shell will be removed. The visual impact on the boss easily helps new players identify the appropriate weapon selection.

The story involved is minimalistic and easy to follow. X wants to be a Maverick Hunter and Mavericks are bad. He will do what it takes to power up and prevent the Mavericks from destroying the world. The true highlights of the game are the tight gameplay and controls.

If you enjoy platformers with a deep upgrade system and gameplay that teaches players how to beat the game than Mega Man X is a perfect shot.

Score: 10 /10
+ Gameplay is the Tutorial
+ Varied Stages
+ Collectables
+ Interconnected Levels
+ Tight Controls

Level Up, Friends!